Studioemme works in the belief that the best results are achieved by a precise integration of highly specialized entities and for this reason puts the continuous improvement of its skills at the forefront of business objectives. This allows it to act as a partner to the most demanding commercial and productive structures that require from the electronics sub-contractor high standards of professionalism.

The lower cost of a product with predetermined functional characteristics and quality has always been one of the objectives that Studioemme aims to achieve, continuously updating the criteria for the evaluation of choices in relation to the constant increase in experience gained and the development of technologies.

In order to achieve the maximum degree of efficiency Studioemme uses its high structural flexibility, being able to provide the required services, production or technical office as preferred by customers.

It's therefore possible to fully implement a project or complete existing work and producing it under "complete manufacturing" or "assembly labour".

The company operates a computer system, monitoring their activities and are able to manage in real time the phases and parameters of production.