The know-how derived from the development of algorithms for the control of the vector field associated with the use of Digital Signal Processors has allowed Studioemme to realize digital drives for the control of synchronous and brushless motors of average power.

As a policy of the Company is to provide added value to the products that are offered and designed, integrated drives have been developed on the motor that would require only a power source and commands over a serial line to become in effect a complete and autonomous system connected by bus to a host.

Another of the company's interests is with oil with the realization of manual support interfaces to the process of treatment of olives in the event of downtime due to a fault of the PLC that controls the process itself.

For the same reason in the design attention is given to all regulatory aspects associated with product development, Studioemme is able to support the customer in the resolution and fine-tuning of the problems associated with the EMC and electrical safety in laboratory tests for certification.