Studioemme has for years been partnered with companies that design and build passenger accessibility systems on vehicles, trains, metros and buses.

In this context, Studioemme develops and manufactures integrated modules to control the movement of gates having the necessary skills to meet the demand for a strong integration of the control unit, often customized to individual mechanical systems.

The invested resources are directed towards the development of hardware and software architectures whose objective is a greater flexibility in the final application while maintaining the established structures to ensure the already verified reliability.

The vehicle computer communication modules are part of these architectures which in turn are required in the specification, and of which Studioemme has already gained practical knowledge (MVB, HDLC, RS485, CAN...) Particular care is taken for an approach to Safety Integrity Level (SIL) design, considering redundancy and system diagnostics in the development cycle of the product.

Specific knowledge in the management of motion, and therefore of the motor control, both brushless and DC, are derived from a another area where Studioemme works: drives in the industrial field.